Are CBD Flowers Legal?

Are CBD Flowers Legal?

I'm sure that most of you would have asked the question 'Are CBD Flowers legal?' at some point in your lives. Well, some of you might have even assumed that it is; however, the truth is much more complicated than this. While these flowers can be found all around the world, there are some legality issues, which simply cannot be ignored.

We want to put in place how the legislation is currently in our country and reduce the fear that has been sown in the CBD industry. This uncertainty is caused by the great lack of knowledge about cannabis products, which are so fashionable nowadays. In fact, most people don’t know anything about their legal standings. Furthermore, the absence of the legal definition of cannabis products is giving rise to interpretations that do not coincide at any time with our laws or legislations. However, let me just make one thing clear for you from the very start 'CBD flowers are not technically legal in the UK'

Since many people are talking about these flowers and the possibilities they could open, this is what you need to know.

The legality of CBD flowers

Many people have been surprised by recent reports of people being detained for using or selling these flowers, but the law is clear on the matter (something that is rare in the world of CBD products). CBD dried flower products are classified in the same way as any cannabis.

Meaning, in the eyes of the law, a person carrying  CBD dried flowers is committing precisely the same crime as the person who is carrying the same amount of the most potent super-hydroelectric skunk ever known to man.

All cannabis products are classified as Class B in the UK, meaning that possession could carry a prison sentence of up to five years and / or a hefty fine.

It all comes down to categorization. The law in the UK does not prohibit the use of THC, it prohibits the use of cannabis, and CBD is a derivative of cannabis, in the same way as THC. Now, this should technically cover all CBD products, but there's a lot more grey area when it comes to anything else.

CBD oils, gummies and other products are considered by most people to be within the legal need for THC content at 0.2% (some consider it to be 0.3%, but we have always preferred to err on the side of caution in these parts. ) is pretty good. The shops selling these products, or the vape shops offering CBD products, have so far held up well in the eyes of the law in the UK.

It may be simply because the CBD flowers look so much like THC, if they are found in your possession, it is unlikely that the police will have a test on hand to prove the THC levels that are within the product.

Tea exemptions?

In case this situation is not confusing enough for you, there are exemptions for products derived from industrial hemps, such as teas. However, the limits are different here, working in micrograms instead of percentages.

And then there is another school of thought that tea is not exempt at all, and if they are, they definitely have strong regulations attached.

The only legal cannabis crops in the UK are those that are authorized for medical or scientific purposes and are handled by people who have acquired the corresponding license from the concerned agencies. To acquire such a licence, you will have to meet a series of requirements (your and company data, detailed explanation of the activity, facilities, used seeds, purpose of cannabis, etc.) and the payment of fees.

To grow without the AEMPS license, you would have to use industrial hemp with certified seed, and you would not be able to extract CBD from the hemp (you would need the AEMPS license in that case). This utterly legal crop would need authorization from the agriculture delegation of your municipality. To sell these flowers as a decking product, you would only have to acquire the authorization of the concerned ministry would be necessary.

Is there a safe way to consume CBD flowers?

Talk to most marijuana smokers, and they'll tell you as long as they don't have too much quantity on their hands, and only smoke it at home, they'll never have a problem with the police. This is probably the same for CBD flower smokers, but then again, we don't advise taking risks, because technically you would still be breaking the law, at least for now.

What would I do?

I would plant my own plants in the UK, (even if it had to be in my town if that makes it easier, but I doubt it depends on a decision of the city council), I would instead plant marijuana with a high% of CBD and little to no percentage of THC. Still, I see that it seems much easier legally with hemp seeds, and use the flowers to make CBD-rich oil (olive or hemp), without THC, of ​​course, and sell this CBD-rich oil.

The primary conclusion we have for you here is that if you are using CBD in the UK, it is best to avoid dried flowers because all signs point to this being the most likely way to get yourself into trouble. For those outside the UK, the laws regulating CBD dried flowers certainly seem to be more flexible, but CBD flowers UK law is not likely to be clarified soon). However, if you want to start a CBD flower sales business in the UK (online), I will suggest that you buy the flowers from EU suppliers where CBD is legal and then sell them under your brand.

CBD dried flowers are very difficult to find because of the significant increase in their popularity & current state of legalisation. The hardest part is finding a brand that is abiding by UK & EU laws, there has been a wave of illegal Flower brands popping-up recently claiming to be completely within the law (Unfortunately most are 100% not). However as a Superstore, we’ve managed to arrange the best for our clients from this unorthodox marketplace. Stocking only legal and reputable CBD & Hemp Flower brands. Feel free to contact us anytime at your convenience or questions around CBD & Hemp Flowers legality.


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